About Us


An independent brewery, Branch & Bone Artisan Ales was born out of friendship and a passion for beer.  What began as a hobby has developed into a love for beer and the community that shares this appreciation.  From there, the curiosity and exploration of alternative brewing and fermentation techniques took hold.  A desire to create a balanced and flavorful product at the highest quality possible while contributing our passion to the community that surrounds us has led to the founding of our brewery.


Our Story

Branch & Bone Artisan Ales represents the connection of earth and human through fermentation.  All beers come from the earth and are made with water, hops, barley, and yeast.  But it is the labor and creativity of the individual that guides all of these earthly ingredients together into wonderful creations.  Our friendship and a passion for beer has developed into this little brewery in our hometown of Dayton, OH.  We are excited to share our love of fermentation, specifically those that feature wild yeasts and bacteria with our community.  We draw inspiration from music and other expressive arts to lead our curiosities.  Brewing being our form of creative expression, we are guided by European traditions and modern American brewers who have pushed the boundaries of what beer can be. 

We will feature a wide variety of beer in our taproom at all times.  Our beer will often feature local ingredients including ones foraged from our local flora.  A large focus and our passion is funky, alternative fermentation.  Sour beer, saison, and mixed fermentation styles as well as spontaneous fermentation will be a staple among the ever rotating offerings from Branch & Bone Artisan Ales.  We cannot wait to host you in our taproom and share these creations with our friends, family, and local community.  We welcome you to follow this journey and be a part of it with us.


Branch & Bone Artisan Ales combines the ingredients of earth and the work of humankind to craft subtle, yet flavorful ales.  Inspired by European traditions and modern American eccentrics, we brew a range of ales that will encourage exploration.